Meet The Team

Our staff of experienced DJ’s, Emcee’s and entertainment specialists will ensure your event is fantastic! Check out their Bio Below and find out a bit more about our “Genius Team”. We believe that every event, no matter the size, is an opportunity for excellence. Let us be a part of making your next event pure…“Genius”.

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan is a true Party Rocker!!! Serving as both DJ and MC, he is a perfect fit for ANY Event. This awesome and versatile entertainer delivers an amazing music selection and smooth mixing style!! If great music and a packed dance floor is what you are after, look no further than DJ JD!

Rodney Mosley

DJ Mr. Mosley
Rodney is not only an amazing DJ on the Crew, but also our Office Manager and Sales Director. By day he handles all of our client needs and event info and you will likely speak with him about your event at some point. By Night, he can be found Rocking the dance floor and delivering his High Energy brand of Non-Stop Entertainment for your next event!

Gary McClain Jr.

DJ Ruckus
Gary is a consummate Entertainer and has been a Genius DJ all along. He is a high energy DJ who’s skill on the turntables is matched only by his skills on the dance floor. From Weddings to Birthday Parties he is the right fit for ANY event and take your party to the next level. “Lets make a Ruckus!”

Jarad Bowens

DJ Genius
Jarad is the founder of the Genius DJ Crew. This dynamic entertainer serves as both MC and DJ for most events and has well over 15 years of entertainment experience for all types of events. His high energy and crisp delivery on the microphone are sure to get the party started every time!!

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